In Cosmetics Industry Both Ammonium Persulfate & Potassium Persulfate are used extensively as boosters for hair bleaches and for oxidization of hair dyes . They are also used as key components for bleaching formulations.


Persulfates are very widely used as initiators for Emulsion Polymerization of Acrylic Monomers and Emulsion Co-Polymerization of Styrene ,acrylonitrile, butadiene SBR , ABS

Metal Treatment

Ammonium Persulfate And Sodium Persulfate are used for Treatment of Metal Surfaces , to etch copper on Printed Circuit Boards , Manufacturing of Semiconductors , and Activation of Copper and Aluminium Surfaces

Textiles & Paper

In Textile industry Persulfates can be used for Denim Desizing and Bleach Activators . They can also be used for cold bleaching . In Paper Industry Persulfates can be used for re-pulping and de-inking

Water Treatment & Disinfectants

Ammonium Persulfate is extensively used in Waste Water Treatment and Oxidative degradation of harmful substances . Persulfate also used for production of Disinfectants

Other Applications

Persulfates are used in Photographic industry , bleaching baths for colour stock Modification of Starch and Chemical Synthesis