Welcome to VR Persulfates Pvt. Ltd

VR Persulfates Pvt Ltd was established in 2005, The company is located in Changodar Industrial development zone near the city of Ahmedabad which is one of the fastest growing cities In India. With a good geographical position and convenient transportation to Major Indian Ports . VR Persulfates is a recognised Manufacturer of all the three Persulfates Salts . We have an excellent and professional team of competent leaders which have more than 30 years of successful experience in the production of Persulfates

Persulfates are mainly used for Polymers , Printed Circuit Boards , Textiles , Water Treatment in Cosmetic Industry for Hair Bleaches , and Oxidizer in Hair Dyes

Our relentless Management Mission is Safety and Environmental protection; Stable Persulfates Production, Continuous Innovation & most importantly Customer Satisfaction. As a responsible corporate citizen . VR Persulfates has consistently focused its attention on development of new process technology , products and services . We sincerely work with our clients and partners to improve work efficiency, reduce costs and provide customers with a better quality product and on time delivery . Our Innovation helps and maintain our customers leading edge in their own applications and markets .